Slip & Fall Prevention Services

Slip & Fall Prevention Services is necessary in order to protect yourself from any incident of falling and getting hurt. The Slip & Fall Prevention Services will help to protect you from incidents both from inside and outside workplace. The initiate must be taken to eliminate the risk.

The incident of Slip and fall occurred mostly due to the flooring material. The prevention program will cause the reduction of chance of falling and slip. It normally causes due to wet and slippery floor. Overlooking the details of Slip & Fall Prevention or not having proper mitigation can increase chances of slip and fall injuries. Following are some of the steps that are taken for the prevention of Slip & Fall:


Anti slip coating for bathroom tiles

The anti slip coating for bathroom tiles is a good way to prevent any accident in slippery and wet surface. It involves the anti paint slip paints such as concrete or asphalt. The anti slip coating that is made from the formula of epoxy resin could be used in anti slip coating system for hard wearing and for long lasting non slip finish. For bathroom tiles, the anti slip coating is a good option.

Bathtub anti slip coating

To get prevention from getting slip, the bathtub anti slip coating is also a good option. In bathtubs and showers, falls and slip are a serious problem. It can cause the life changing injury. Therefore, the anti slip coating is necessary in order to avoid any accident. It can be done in both indoor and outdoor bathroom

Anti slip coating for stairs

The anti slip coating for stairs can also help in reducing the chances for accidents. It should be done in sensitive areas like stairs, nurseries and kitchen etc. Now days, a range of decorative anti-slip surface coatings are available which consist of timber, resin, concrete and steel floor.

Slippery floor treatment

You can also protect yourself by having slippery floor treatment. The slippery floor treatment is more effective and sustainable path of dealing with slippery floor. In this, the surface is coated with glaze or ceramic tile. The glaze tile is designed to create friction (i.e: traction or grip) which will protect in dry or wet conditions. The slippery floor treatment is very useful in wet and moisture surface.
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Slip and fall prevention is necessary thing for the security of life and health. The falling and slipping due to wet and moisturize floor can cause the disability and sometimes it can lead to the loss of life. By using the above precautions, we can minimize the chances of accident and the occurrence of unpleasant incidents could be reduced.

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  • Arrived next day. Used in fiberglass shower - product works as advertised. Very happy!
    Melinda H
  • Great seller and incredible product. I used it for my tiled shower. Directions were easy to follow. I expected some fumes but noticed nothing. Entire process took me 15 minutes to make my shower non slip. Customer service is 5 star too.
    Mike Adams
  • FANTASTIC, FANTASTIC, FANTASTIC CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!! I have just recovered from the shock I received from your follow through. No one follows through in this day in age! Please forward this to your superiors, they need to know you are doing a fantastic job!
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